4015 South Camano Drive

Camano Island, WA  98282

360 – 387 – 9395



Works in Progress 2021

Multiple Murals for Stanwood High School, Stanwood, WA   WA Arts Commission project. Design Stage  Approved

“The Music of Silence” WA School for the Deaf, Vancouver. WA.  Design Stage  Approved.

Public Art Projects

“Convergence”  7’x21’ mural for  Island County, WA Administration Building, Camano Island, WA

“Book” 3’x2’ window for Camano Island Little Library, Camano Island, WA 2020

“Neptune’s Garden” 3’x5’ sidelight for WA State Park’s Cama Beach Lodge.  2020

“Palisade Portal” and “Threshold”  13’x15’ entryway and 10’ x 30’ courtyard mural for Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA  2019

“Future Cannery”  6’ x 6’ mural for Camano Island Community Center Thrift Store, Camano Island, WA  2017

“New Horizon”  32’ x 8’ mural for Camp Murray Readiness National Guard Readiness Center, Tacoma, WA  2016

“Beanstalk Probe”  30’ x 4’  Stanwood, WA   YMCA  2016

“Frozen Explosion”  12’ x 10’  Camano Island Library, Camano Island, WA  2016

“Stellar Mitosis”  35’ x 15’, Univ. of Alaska – Anchorage     Entryway mural for the Integrated Science Building, Anchorage, Alaska 2014

“Fully Involoved”   8’x8’ and 8’x10’  windows for the Bill Lowe Fire Station Headquarters #35, Chugiak, Alaska.  2014

“Stanwood Lights”   7’ x 13’ library window,  Housing Resource Center, Stanwood, WA  2013

“Wheels Rumbling”  7’ x 3’ mural Terry’s Corner Station, Camano Island, WA  2012

“Arkangel”  300 sq. ft. in three separate murals Christian Motorcycle Association National Headquarter Chapel,  Hatfield, Arkansas  2011

“Rise Up Singing”  Housing Hope Low Income Apartments, 3’ x 7’ Entryway and 3’ x 5’ Adult Education Windows, Stanwood, WA 2011

“Ladder and Wheels”  7’ x 3’ mural Country Club Fire Station entry, Camano Island, WA  2011

“Metamorphosis Series”   4 murals approx. 13’ x 7’.  Panther Lake Elementary, Kent, WA  2010

“Fully Involved”, three panels approx. 7.5 feet x 3’, Camano Island, WA Fire Station Headquarters entryway mural and interior sidelight.  2010

“Three Alarm”  Mabana Fire Station entryway window, 6’ x 3’, Camano Island, WA 2010

“Icarus Triumphant”  Portland Housing Authority James Hawthorne Apartment Project, Portland, OR  40’ x 10’ mural 2010

 “Cascade Constellation”  Cascade Valley Hospital mural  25’ x13’  Arlington, WA 2010

“Engine”  Portland, OR Main Fire Station Headquarters entryway mural  12’ x 12’  2009

“Petri  Bloom”    32’ x 7’ mural for Oregon Art Commission, Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality and Public Health Lab, Hillsboro, OR 2008

“Dewey Digital”  Marysville, WA Library entryway mural  12’ x 12’  2008

“Whirled”  Burlington, WA Library 10’ x 12’ mural  2008

“Big Bang”   and “Little Bang”     Murals  for Cascade Middle School, Vancouver, WA .   20 ‘ x 15 ‘  three story main corridor window plus main entryway treatment.  WA Arts Commission.  2008

“Escher’s Elevator” and “Paradigm Shift” 1000 sq. ft.  murals for the east and west elevations of the Teacher Education Facility, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah

“Vessel” (7’ x 7’) and “Firmament”  (8’ x 8’) Skagit Valley Hospital, Chapel murals, Mt. Vernon WA  )  2007

“Biblioteka”  Stanwood, WA public library mural, 2 panels,  5’ x 2’ each. 2007

“Lightkeepers”  50’ x 5’ mural for Odgden Regional Center, Ogden, Utah 2006

“Summit”   Highline Community Hospital,  Cancer Care Unit,   Seattle,WA.  225 sq ft. mural in atrium lobby.  2005

 “Phoenix Moon,” Snoqualmie, WA Fire Station headquarters entryway mural.  18’x12’  2005

 “Locomotion”, 15’ x12’ lobby window, Skagit Station, Mt. Vernon, WA. 2004

”Bridge”   Arlington High School,  2  30’ x 15’ murals, Arlington, WA.  WA Arts Commission commission. 2004

“Passage” 26’ x 6’  Entryway mural, Glass Connecting Link between Low income Housing Center and Senior Center, Stanwood, WA 2004 

Scales of Hammurabi”    2 40’x13’  murals,  Courthouse lobby , Alachua County  Regional Justice Center,  Gainesville, Florida. 2003

“Hydroglyphics”  17’ x  9’ entryway mural, Water Utility Maintenance Center, Lynnwood, WA 2003

“Kaleidoscope”  Gilmore Project 14’x8’  glass mural in a display room  angle mirrored floor to ceiling and illuminated with various and changing lighting to create a kaleidoscopic effect, Housing Resources Group, Seattle, WA 2003

“The Whole She-Bang” 12’ x 10’ mural,  N.O.A.H. Animal Shelter,  Stanwood, WA  2003

“Nova”  5’ x 2’ entryway door, N.O.A.H. thrift store, Stanwood,WA 2003-04

“Solar Tsunami”  22’ x 12’ mural for College of Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 2002

“Millennial Chronometer”, 25′ x 25′ Stainless steel and glass mural surrounding 9 foot diameter clock for Everett Station, Everett, WA. 2002

“Water Wheel”,  4’x3’, Lynnwood, WA City Council Building, Lynnwood, WA. 2002

 “Circumnavigating the Century”, 50-panel window mural, 42′ x 21′, Aviation Trade Center,  Clover Park Technical College, Tacoma, WA., 2001

“Cyber-Totem: Lodge of the Elders”, 20’ x 7’ Entryway  mural  for the Camano Senior Community Center, Camano Island, WA.  2001

“The Moon Was A River,” Western Oregon University, Glass Mural for Valsetz Dining Hall, Monmouth, Oregon,  Glass Mural front of elevator tower, 20′ x 8′ 1998 

“Celestial Tsunami”, Framed room divider, Mukilteo Public Library, Mukilteo, Washington,  8′ x 20′, 1999

“Cold Fusion Isotope”  District Court of Appeals, Spokane, WA. 40″ x 40″ leaded glass panel, 1998

“Portal”  Mukilteo Public Library, Mukilteo, Washington. Entryway glass mural, 10′ x 10′, 1998

3 Multi-paneled glass murals, “Observatory – Tumwater Array”  9′ x 13′; “Observatory – Black Hills Array”  9′ x 13′; “Solar Mitosis” 7′ x 30′,  A.G. West High School, Tumwater, WA.  1997

“Atlas Tectonic,”  Washington State Arts Commission Office Building, Olympia, WA.  2-panel  Sidelight entryway portals, 7′ x 1′, 1995.

“Millennial Hourglass,” Camano Island Visitor Center & Art Park, 15′ x 12′ glass mural, 1998.

“Quixote’s Comet”  State Patrol Headquarters, Dept. of Licensing, Combined Transportation Center, 70’ x 20’, 1995.

“Atlas at Last”,  Columbia Elementary School Library, Wenatchee, WA  1991.

Washington State Arts Commission:  Art in Public Places Purchases

“Benediction”  32”x48”. Highlander Elementary, Renton, WA 2002

“Conflagration” 30”x40”, Utslady Elementary School, Camano Island, WA 2002

“Storm” 28”x54”, Robert Gray Elementary School, Aberdeen, WA  2002

“Reinventing the Wheel” 26”x58”, Rainier Valley Elem., Rainier, WA. 2002

“Celestial Candle”  Shadow Lake Elementary School, Maple Valley, WA 48” x 48” , 2000

“Future Hieroglyphics”  Tahoma High School, Kent, WA.  2’ x 3’ ,  2000.

“Meteor”,  North Central High School, Spokane, WA.  37” x 38”  , 2000.

“Embryo”  Lydia Hawk Elementary School, N. Thurston, WA. 29” x 40”,  1999.

“Slings & Arrows”  Leota Junior High School, Woodinville, WA.  18″ x 24″  , 1998

“Cold Fusion Isotope”  Washington State Court of Appeals, Spokane, WA.  3′ x 3′ Installed leaded glass window, 1998

“Moon Was a River II”  Washington State Dept. of Transportation, Spokane, WA, 3′ x 2′ 1998

“Radio Telescope”  Vista Middle School, Ferndale, WA. 2′ x 3′, 1998.

“Constellation”  Lakewood Elementary School, Lakewood, WA. 2′ x 4′ , 1998

“Millennial Timepiece”, Collins Elementary, Tacoma, WA.  40” x 30”, 1996

“Kites”  Wenatchee High School, Wenatchee, WA.  3′ x 2′ , 1996

“Array”, Napavine Elementary & Middle School, Napavine, WA.  2’ x 3’, 1996

“Jump for Joy,”  Bridgeport High School, Bridgeport, WA.  2′ x 3′,  1996.

“Solar Windvane,”  Bridgeport High School, Bridgeport, WA. 18” x 36”,  1996.

“Rebuilding Babel Brick by Brmph…,”  Loon Lake Elementary School, Loon Lake , WA.  2′ x 3′  , 1996.

“Omega Array,”   Chattaroy Elementary, Chattaroy, WA. 2′ x 3′ , 1996.